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NLP Coaching

Da Silva Coaching and Associates specialise in delivering NLP services & helping businesses who want to start, sustain and grow their business success through their people.  We help businesses achieve their ambitions and break through those barriers that stop success, whether it be NLP, business coaching, training workshops or life coaching.

We truly believe people and personal development training are the key to building relationships that make any business, of any size, continue to trade.  We work with people who want success through developing themselves and their teams, which leads to increased financial returns, enhanced customer experience, improved staff retention and personal development, all through professional business coaching.

We offer opportunity via modular business coaching and wellbeing courses, business/personal coaching and workshops, are designed for people at all levels in the business. We add a twist, focusing on the highly emotive that makes us communicate on a more intelligent level.

We also offer life coaching and individual personal coaching to help anyone achieve what they want to be, do or have in their life through personal development training, NLP and life coaching.

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NLP can help with many aspects of your life including your past, present and future. Are you ready for an amazing transformational NLP personal or business session?

NLP is retraining the brain to get what you want in life.


Live the life that you want to lead. Why settle for anything less?


Be who you want to be – If you are not happy change it!


Do what you want to do – What is stopping you?


Have what you want to have – Anything is possible!

Business Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful future. Let me help you achieve your business goals and achieve success.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching allows you to live life your way. If you want to understand yourself better and make a change, NLP personal coaching is for you.

Business Training

Bespoke courses with an NLP twist, designed to help businesses, employees and suppliers see the bigger picture and benefit your organisation.

Personal Coaching

Life Coach Northampton

Help is available from life coaching for Confidence, Self Belief, Self Esteem, Communication, Managing Emotions, Habits, Performance, Goals and Achievement, Phobias, Relationships, Decisions, Health, Positive Mind Set, Limiting Beliefs and much more.

Just ask yourself:

– What do you want to stop?

– What would you love to start?

– Would you like to know yourself better?

– Would you like to improve your communication & understanding?

– Would you like to understand your behavior?

If the answer is yes, get in touch to find out how Da Silva Coaching can help you by using personal development training!

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Business Coaching & Training

The NLP experience can benefit business people of businesses and their employees as a whole. We have experience of working with small, medium, large and corporate organisations in a range of industries providing business coaching.

This can be through:

– Improving financial position via clearer thought processes

– Exceeding set targets

– Customer satisfaction

– Attract and retain amazing employees

– Improve employee engagement & inspiration

– Create a high performance working environment

– Take emotional intelligence to another level

If you would like to action the above, get in touch to find out how Da Silva Coaching can help your business!

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Personal Development Training


NLP Training
NLP Coaching
Personal Development Training
Life Coach Northampton


"Lesley is a skilled coach and thinks through the best ways to get the most out of her team. She is a warm and friendly leader with a competitive edge."
Adrian AveryTNT International Director of Special Services UK & Ireland
"I had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside Lesley whist she was a Regional Sales Manager for TNT. She has a flair for organisation and for developing individuals to realise their full potential. She has a natural talent for assisting people and supporting a team to achieve a common goal."
Justin Errington (AMBCS)Transport and Logistics Professional
"Lesley is an excellent trainer, who will go above and beyond what is expected. The feedback on a recent course with a market leading organization was 10/10. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lesley "
Nicholas FerroCommercial Director at Course Academy


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