Here at Da Silva Coaching and Associates we have unique methods and strategies that specialise in delivering NLP services to both personal and business clients of all sized classes.  We can help businesses start, sustain and build  from day one. We can help you reach your ambitions no matter what level they are set at. NLP can help business coaching and training, especially in workshop style environments.

Personal development training can be a vital factor in the success of an individual or business.  They can help build relationships and be a key factor in the success. We work with people who have a desire to succeed through the means of self development. This can lead to many improved performances in the areas of finance, communication, customer relationships and problem solving. Businesses can run smoother also.

life coaching servicesWhat we offer here at Da Silva Coaching is a method od teaching and self development that allows us to deliver wellbeing courses one to one or in a group situation. We also offer life coaching and this is where we see the best improvements. We can help you be who you want to be, on a personal level or maybe at your place of work. Personal coaching can help be the final piece of the jigsaw in the journey to your own success.

We can help with aspects of your life be them past, present or future and help unlock the key bits of your thought process that might be holding you back. We always understand you might prefer discretion and we 100% ensure this at all times.  NLP  is helping to retrain the brain to get what you want from your life and achieve those goals.  We can help with all matters that involve confidence, self belief, helping you achieve goals and raising your limits, as well as improving your communication and even relationships and phobias.

We create and deliver bespoke courses designed to help businesses and employees alike.  These courses can greatly benefit your organisation no matter what the size.  Maybe you want to stop a habit, maybe you want to start something, either way our life coaching can help.  Download our personal coaching flyer and have a read, any questions simply get in touch and ask.

We have worked with some pretty big businesses and  you can read plenty of testimonials on our website from past happy clients. We also offer a free consultation , this is complimentary and allows you 15 minutes of our time so we can discuss matters and see if we can help you. Book this online and get in touch today to discuss all things life coaching and NLP related.

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