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Here at Da Silva Coaching and Associates we have unique methods and strategies that specialise in delivering NLP services to both personal and business clients of all sized classes.  We can help businesses start, sustain and build  from day one. … Read More

Personal Development Training Northampton

Are you stuck in a rut at work or in your personal life? Not sure in which direction to go or how to get there if you know your end goal.  You might have a picture or scenario in your … Read More

Life Coach Northamptonshire

Searching online can be a daunting prospect. Especially when you don’t want to travel far to receive the service you require.  Needing that little extra help can be hard to get when you simply don’t know what to look for. … Read More


NLP. You may have heard recently amongst the business industry the term NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming but what exactly is it?  Well we can help you understand it here at Da Silva.  It is the practice of understanding just exactly … Read More

Business Coaching Northampton

Business Coaching Northampton. If you are a business owner, no matter what size and what industry you will always be looking for ways to cut costs, improve productivity and build for the future. You may be very hands on in … Read More

Business Coach

When it comes to owning your own company you understand every penny counts, the difference between profit and loss can be marginal. This is where a business coach can help. We can come in, evaluate your staff and areas for … Read More

What Is A Life Coach?

What Is A Life Coach? Sometimes it’s the small things that can stop someone progressing or reaching their full potential.  Many people suffer from factors such as low self esteem, a lack of self belief or simply have no confidence.  … Read More

Personal Coaching

An expert in personal coaching can help you achieve your goals and targets.  All too often people just sit around stuck in a rut and never asking themselves “how can I be better?”. This leads into an ever-decreasing circle into … Read More

Personal Development Training Northamptonshire

Personal Development Training In Northamptonshire.  We specialise in  helping people achieve their full potential. This can be at work or in life in general.  Not everyone has an abundance of confidence or is at ease with themselves. This is where … Read More

Life Coach In Northampton

Professional Life Coach In Northampton.  Sometimes people need a little extra help in achieving their full potential. This applies to both personal and business sectors of peoples lives. Small things may be holding an individual back and this may require … Read More