You may have heard recently amongst the business industry the term NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming but what exactly is it?  Well we can help you understand it here at Da Silva.  It is the practice of understanding just exactly how people organise their way of thinking, feeling, language and also behaviour to create  and achieve better results in whatever they do be it in their personal life or work life.

Each person has their own way of thinking and processing every day thought and actions.  With millions of people in the UK this  means there is not one method of coaching that works for all. Each person thinks and behaves differently and our training is built up and planned accordingly.  This method first became apparent in  the 1970’s when a well known and renowned professor became fascinated with human excellence. Monitoring and documenting the behaviour patterns of individuals who excelled at a certain event, task or discipline.

NLP can be used to help someone improve their self confidence at work or in their personal life, communication, leadership skills and confidence and thought process. Enabling them to excel further at work or home. We offer NLP services in Northampton and around the UK to both large and small companies, either on a one to one basis or in a workshop style delivery.

Some of the benefits of Neuro-linguistic programming can include helping your business improve financial position due to a clearer thought process, this helps you to exceed targets on a personal and business level. Improve customer satisfaction which then leads on to improved customer retention.  Improve the way your employees engage with your customers. Help increase the  overall performance of the work environment. And take your staff emotional intelligence to a higher level.  NLP is equally as effective with team leaders, management and owners, enabling all levels to improve on aspects of their thought process which directly affects the company they are involved in.

NLP NorthamptonTo book your free no obligation consultation simply get in touch quoting Dasilva2. We will then have an informal chat ab out your circumstances, aims and present state. From here we can then create perfectly tailored and unique  training and coaching that will help you grow as an individual and business. Group workshops are available with entry from as low as £5 per person too if you would like to hold a walk in programme or offer a service from a location of your choice. Follow us on Facebook perhaps too and get the latest event dates and even promotional offers too. Neuro-linguistic programming can be an ideal tool to have when it comes to improving your business. Da Silva can deliver this  on all levels and in any scale required.

We can deliver NLP to small groups, individuals and yourself. Seeing how you think and then offering dedicated insights into what ways you can improve this. NLP can be for equally effective for both business and personal use and can improve results in both areas. Download our flyer and see in more indepth detail how we can help. We have worked with many businesses and you can rea the testimonials of these on our website.  Our free consultation and flexible schedule means you can work NLP into any business model and we always maintain and offer a fully confidential privacy service at all times, we respect our clients privacy and this is highly important in our thought process and delivery at all times.

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