An expert in personal coaching can help you achieve your goals and targets.  All too often people just sit around stuck in a rut and never asking themselves “how can I be better?”. This leads into an ever-decreasing circle into a routine of normality.  So what can Da Silva offer you? Well we offer proven strategies that are tailored top work with each individual. Bespoke plans that offer a variety of options dependant on what the end user needs.

Personal coaching can be an important part of your business strategy and not just for personal life. Many company owners see this as a vital tool to help improve staff moral and productivity. Motivation comes from many sources and each person reacts differently to different approaches and methods. We can identify this and then create a unique bespoke action plan and development journey to enable the person to fully benefit from our services. If you are a business we can deliver our services in a class environment as well as one to one too if you feel your staff would benefit better from individual services.

Personal CoachingWe can determine how best to approach your issues, and how best you can remedy these. You need to understand your potential and we can help you unlock this. We offer a supportive yet dignified approach and in a way that makes it easy for you to follow and understand. We don’t use complicated jargon or long words to make us seem ultra-professional, we work with you not for you to help you achieve your goals and become a better you.

To first fix something you have to know what is wrong in the first place. This is what we do, we ascertain why you behave or feel the way you do then we address this, using methods unique to each person. We don’t use a one method suits all approach.  We can help you transform yourself into a better you.  Our personal coaching can free up the potential that we all have. Help you make better decisions and aim higher, set goals and no how to achieve them.

Why not take advantage of our free consultation where we can discuss your past, present and future and what approach would work best for you.  We offer workshops and wellbeing courses as well so there is something to suit all levels and requirements of personal coaching needed.  Speak to us today and will answer any questions you may have.

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