What Is A Life Coach?

Sometimes it’s the small things that can stop someone progressing or reaching their full potential.  Many people suffer from factors such as low self esteem, a lack of self belief or simply have no confidence.  The first step in the path to self improvement is acknowledging  you might need some professional help. This isn’t therapy but more of a self help process, where we work with you to understand  any issues or problems,  reasons for you feeling like you do or behaving the way you do.

Help is always available and we work with both individuals and groups alike, helping people understand what maybe they didn’t before and then learning to improve themselves.  We know people are the key to building a productive and successful business. We work extensively with businesses of all sizes to  develop staff and build returns. So what is a life coach?  Well it’s not straight forward, it’s not just life it’s about business, peoples thought processes and how a person feels about themselves. We work to help people understand this better and make inner changes to help them move forward and reach their potential.

what is a life coachFor whatever reason some people never achieve what they can, their potential stays unfulfilled.  All it could take to unlock this is for them to believe and think a different way. This is where we can help. We create unique and tailor made plans for each individual, everyone is different and we deliver our services as so.

We help people break down those barriers and work closely  to deliver personal help and coaching.  We can help with all aspects of a persons life be it work, personal, sporting participation and all other aspects.  We work with individuals and businesses also. We help you retrain the brain to get what you want from your life. You can have what you want to have and do the things you want to do, there is only you holding yourself back.

Maybe the reasons for your emotions and habits are a little deeper then first thought, if so we can help. We help you to know yourself better and improve your communication and understanding of yourself.  Do you want to stop something, or maybe you would like to start something. Either way you might need a little help and Da Silva Coaching can provide this. Experienced and professional with an understanding and gentle approach.

We can offer a free consultation also to discuss what your requirements may be as  sometimes you might need a different approach. So what is a life coach? Speak to us and we can help.

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